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People Food Can Be Harmful to Your Dogs Health - 10 Human Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

Growing up twenty years ago people didn't really know about table scraps harming their dog. After dinner we would take all the leftovers and make a leftover gravy to dump over their dry dog food. You just can't do that anymore.

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Most dogs will eat anything. Sometimes without even chewing. But you need to be careful on what to feed them. There are certain foods you should never feed your dog.

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First of all, never give your dog any chicken bones. Pork and fish bones are also just as bad. They can splinter and get stuck in their jaw or throat. This can cause choking and even tear up their digestive system.

2. You may have heard not to feed dogs chocolate. This is true and includes white and baking chocolates. The darker the chocolates the more harmful.

3. No tea or coffee or anything with caffeine in it. There is a substance that can be extremely toxic and cause seizures. It can also effect the heart and nervous system.

4. Grapes or raisins if fed to your dog can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even kidney failure.

5. Dogs should not drink dairy products. Unlike most cats,dogs are lactose intolerant. There are however special milks made for dogs.

6. No Avocados. Everything to do with avocados including the tree, is toxic to dogs.

7. Dogs love gum, but sugar free gum contains a substance called xylitol. It can rapidly lower your dogs blood sugar levels and that can be deadly.

8. Do not give your dogs mushrooms because they may contain toxins that cause liver and kidney damage.

9. Onions that are raw or even cooked can be bad for your dog. They can damage a dogs blood cells and cause anemia.

10. And last on this list is macadamia nuts. They contain a compound that if eaten by your dog will cause temporary hind leg paralysis.

No one wants to feed their dog anything that will make them sick or worst. Hopefully this list will help you avoid those mistakes. Also take some extra time to analyze what you have been feeding your dog. It could make all the difference in their health and well being.

People Food Can Be Harmful to Your Dogs Health - 10 Human Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

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