Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Canned Dog Food

If you ever walk by an aisle where they sell dog food but they are in small cans? If you ever wondered why they would have canned dog food when dry dog cost less and are more nutritious. Well today that question will be answered.

dog food storage containers

The good

Dog Food

Canned canine foods have a lot of water in it so dogs don't need to be accompanied by a glass bowl like many dry dog foods does. Also your dog will appreciate what he eats a lot more, having dry food that probably don't taste the best will get your dog pretty upset. When you introduce canned dog foods though, now he can have a variety of tastes that actually taste good! Plus you get to see a much happier dog so in a sense it is a super situation.

The Bad

Prices are high when it comes to these kinds of dog food. Each can cost you about - which can add up compared to the dry food prices. Also, although your dog may love eating these kinds of food health wise canned foods are pretty bad for your dog. To have all the juices that it has in the canned foods preservatives has to be added to make the food taste fresh for your dog. Doesn't mean this is good for your dog so always make sure what you are feeding him.

Making your pet happy can be something that you want to do and food is something that is easy to start with. Don't always feed your pup canned dog food because it is not healthy but over the course of a month or two you can feed your dog that a couple of times. Maybe it is for a special occasion or something like that your dog will really love you for that. If you like steak every once in a while your canine will like it as well so keep your dogs feelings in mind but don't trade that for his health.

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Canned Dog Food

Dog Food


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