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Dog Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dog irritable bowel syndrome is very popular condition in dogs of all types and breeds and effects thousands each year around the world. Its common occurrence can cause many symptoms and these can often include diarrhea, blood in the feces, and reoccurring bouts of diarrhea with little being produced each time and possible straining while this is happening.

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It begins when something upsets the digestive system of the dog; this could be an abnormal food, or some kind of poisoning of the system. When this happens the first reaction of the dogs body is to try and remove the offending substance that is causing irritation of the stomach, and this is often done through diarrhea and often because of the stomach irritation the dog will make itself sick to stop the pain that is occurring as soon as possible.

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You may want to think of dog irritable bowel syndrome as a kind of allergic reaction but inside the dog somewhere along the digestive system, this often occurs in the last bit of the process before the anus. This is the most common place for irritable bowel syndrome to happen and most cases will be due to this.

This condition may well pass quite quickly and the food intolerance may stop after a short time, but in other cases you may want to take you dog to the vet to have further tests done to determine if there are other problems to be treated as well as this one, or maybe just to seek further advice on how to treat the condition in the best possible way for your dog.

In the case of the vet being shown this type of condition they may take several tests and ask many questions about the dogs behaviour in the last few weeks amongst other things. Then treatment normally following on from confirming dog irritable bowel syndrome will be to give he dog a very bland diet of food for a short period of time and when the symptoms have stopped the dog will then normally be eased gently back onto the foods that are stronger and the foods they used to eat. The reason for gradually doing this process is so that the irritation is not triggered again and the symptoms start again.

Inmost cases once the dog s back on normal tasting full flavour food the irritable bowel syndrome in your dog will stop, but some dogs do tend to have it more than others, for more advice on what to do in these situations you should contact you vet and take the appropriate actions.

Dog Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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