Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Blow Your Man Away By Stimulating These 4 Sensitive Parts

Other than what lies between your man's legs, there are other sensitive parts that you can stimulate to please him while lovemaking. Although all men love receiving fellatio, they will be equally turned on and satisfied when you spend exertion to stimulate these 4 sensitive parts that we are about to discuss.

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1. Head. The scalp in particular, is extremely sensitive to touch. By giving him a good scalp massage before fellatio, you can send tingles down his spine and make him feel very good. This can be a great warm up for him before any foreplay starts.

Sensitive Stomachs

2. Ears. Most men love having their ears licked, sucked, and lightly breathed on while foreplay. He will get even more excited about you if you moan into his ear to let him know how excited you are about the upcoming fellatio.

3. Chests and nipples. Although there is a coarse understanding that a man's nipples are not as sensitive as a woman's nipples, it does not mean that your man does not like his nipples to be sucked and licked by you. Sucked and nibbled his nipples while foreplay to make him curl his toes with delights.

4. Lover abdomen. The lower tummy near the groin area is one of the most sensitive areas of your man's body. The most sensitive area is right where his thigh joins the stomach and a petite bit above. If your man has a more defined abdomen, this area will be extremely defined, and you can lick and suck this area to make him goes crazy.

By not leaving out any of these 4 parts while foreplay or before fellatio, you can surely turn your man on and make him hungry for you.

How to Blow Your Man Away By Stimulating These 4 Sensitive Parts

Sensitive Stomachs


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