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Gluten Sensitivity, Autoimmune Thyroid and Other Autoimmune Disorders

Many Americans house condition history is replete with autoimmune disorders such as autoimmune thyroid, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Thinking about this as a lay someone - it would seem these diseases, and the resultant suffering they cause, can be chalked up to the "cards you are dealt" in life. I know that sums up my thoughts about these illnesses in my house as I grew up...until I unraveled the mysteries of persisting illness. Since I have been in the never ending studying mode after graduating from chiropractic college in 1983 - I've learned there are measurable causes to just about every illness. Only treating the symptoms of illness can never bring about core level healing.

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Training in functional immunology, functional endocrinology, functional neurology and functional blood chemistry analysis takes a lot of the mystery out of how autoimmune illness develop. Personally I like to learn things from a deep perspective and I have a personal motivation that drives me. Discovering I have an autoimmune assault on some of my body tissues via some very specialized tests gives me a unique perspective and the desire to do whatever it takes to mitigate the damage this discovery can cause me. One test revealed I have both a celiac gene and a gluten sensitivity gene and thus predisposes me to gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity is a life-long immunological response, meaning my immune law will all the time make antibodies against this peptide found in wheat, rye and barley.

Sensitive Stomachs

The explore I've learned about gluten sensitivity tells my that this is a major source of my house history of autoimmune tendencies. Most population of northern European descent have gluten and/or celiac genes. My house lineage is from Sweden. When you have these genes and you are exposed to gluten (which is a peptide found generally in wheat, rye and barley), your immune law has a reaction again gluten and develps antibodies to various components of gluten. Some folks will compose intestinal damage. If you only have the gluten sensitivity gene, you will likely compose non-celiac gluten enteropathy (intestinal destruction). If you have the celiac gene (Hla-Dq 2 or 8) you will compose celiac disease with continued gluten exposure. In addition, gene carriers (like myself), will often compose other condition challenges.

Without the Hla-Dq genes you can still compose tissue inflammation, tissue autoimmunity and/or a gluteomorphin reaction. Antibodies can compose to the following:

- Myelin: (the insulation on our fastest nerves) and can lead to multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases.

- The cerebellum: (the back part of the brain responsible for fine movement and coordination, unavoidable eye movements and our spinal postural muscles as well as cognition) and can lead to balance disorders and more.

- Parietal cells: (stomach cells that furnish acid) and can lead to osteoporosis, improperly digested food and thus Gi disorders and malnourishment.

- Islet cells: (pancreas cells that furnish insulin) and can lead to hypoglycemia and diabetes.

- Thyroid peroxidase: (enzyme that makes thyroid hormones in the thyroid gland) and can lead to hypothyroidism. We call this autoimmune thyroid or Hashimoto's disease.

- Cardiolipin: (an important component of the cell wall of the energy output organelles called mitochondria) and can lead to all kinds of autoimmune issues such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, etc.

- Intrinsic factor:(substance made in the parietal cells of the stomach that is significant to allow the body to digest vitamin B12) and can lead to pernicious anemia (autoimmune vitamin B12 anemia)

- Glutamic acid decarboxylase: [Gad] (an important enzyme needed for the output of the brain neurotransmitter Gaba and is important for insulin output in the pancreas) and can lead to Gaba deficiency and type 1 diabetes.

If you have a gluteomorphin (a breakdown goods of gluten as it is digested) reaction, you will compose neurochemical imbalances in the brain as this chemical disrupts brain function and this is postulated to be one of the causes of autism. The good news is that with diet, lifestyle changes and definite supplementation I can change the procedure of my hereafter and that of my family. I intend to do just that! I ask you to learn more about how to detect and strict the triggers that may be contributing to your condition challenge as well.

In other article I will discuss the reasons why gluten sensitivity seems to be much more prevalent of late.

Gluten Sensitivity, Autoimmune Thyroid and Other Autoimmune Disorders

Sensitive Stomachs


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