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7 possible Causes of Stomach Bloating In Women

Most women would love to have a perfect hourglass figure that never changes shape or size, no matter what we eat (within reason) and anything time of the month it is. Unfortunately, this is never the case, as we all swell up to a lesser or greater degree while menstruation; and our stomachs tend to bloat for all sorts of reasons without any warning. Sometimes this bloating can growth our waist determination or dress size by quite a few inches. It is always uncomfortable and often can be very painful too. The causes of stomach bloating are many and diverse and may comprise some or all of the 7 reasons listed below.

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1. The menstrual cycle is one of the greatest culprits, but once bleeding begins, the swelling usually decreases. In this type of bloating, it is not only the stomach area which is affected, but also the hands and the feet, making one feel grossly uncomfortable, which adds to the mean woman's irritable mood at this time of the month.

Sensitive Stomachs

2. Another well known surmise for stomach bloating is Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or Ibs, which many women suffer from. Ibs is said to be caused by a disorder of the intestines but, in fact, doctors do not assuredly know its exact cause and, for this surmise a host of symptoms are lumped together and, if you suffer from a number of them, you will commonly be diagnosed with Ibs, once all other diseases have been ruled out.

3. What we eat has a direct bearing on the number of bloating we suffer. For instance, too much fat will surely consequent in having the pain of a bloated middle for a duration of time, because our digestive systems take a much longer time to break down fats than other compounds, thus there is a greater occasion of gas being produced.

4. Not eating adequate protein, especially when on a diet, is Another cause of stomach bloating. Other symptoms of protein scantness are a distended stomach, swollen legs and dry and flaky skin.

5. Surprisingly, parasites are Another source of stomach bloating - and even more surprisingly, it is not that difficult to be infected with some forms of parasites. Not washing our fruit and vegetables properly and/or eating salads in restaurants are easy routes of entry into our bodies of these nasty bugs.

6. Allergies or sensitivity to clear foods most surely causes bloating and the formation of gasses the stomach. Prime among these is lactose intolerance, which encompasses all dairy products such as milk, cheeses and yogurts. This form of stomach bloating may even cause sharp and severe pains. Other foodstuffs which are known culprits are wheat and sugar.

7. Definite personel foods which are well known bloaters are legumes of all sorts, such as beans and lentils; raw or cooked cabbage and all forms of raw vegetables; and bagels and pretzels.

Clearly, constipation is also a cause of major bloat attacks, as gases will build up behind the blockage, thus making us feel even worse. In greatest cases, constipation can cause severe headaches and even throbbing head too.

7 possible Causes of Stomach Bloating In Women

Sensitive Stomachs


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