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Why Does My Stomach always Hurt? - What Causes Stomach Pain and How to Get Rid of It

Do you often feel chronic stomach pain, possibly when digesting meals? If so then the natural suggestions I have for you today can help bring some startling relief to your situation. If you have nausea and/or pain then you'll get a lot of help out of this. You may be surprised to find out what causes stomach pain and even more surprised of the natural methods to help get rid of it.

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So Why Does my Stomach all the time Hurt?

Sensitive Stomachs

Stomach pain unfortunately can have many causes. The good news is that many of these causes are quite common, such as:

Eating Foods you're Sensitive to - This can contain wheat, dairy and soy based foods which are all extremely allergenic. Even if pin prick blood tests don't indicate it, don't be fooled into believing you can eat these foods without consequence, they've all been related to digestive disorders of all kinds.

The solution? Avoid these foods for at least 2 weeks and see the divergence in stomach pain.

Parasites and Bacteria - There are many types of parasites and bacteria that can make their home in your body, a good deal of which like to make your stomach their home when given the opportunity. Population with low stomach acid are particularly vulnerable. The solution? Do a hanger-on and candida cleanse to purify your digestive theory of these harmful invaders. You can also try manuka honey for H Pylori or other chronic stomach ulcers and you can use betaine hydrochloride to boost low stomach acid if that is your issue.

Candida - As previously mentioned a candida cleanse is all the time an excellent solution to eliminate all the causes of stomach pain, as the diet and cleanse itself will force the individual to remove allergenic foods from the diet while eliminating the parasites and bacteria.

Why Does My Stomach always Hurt? - What Causes Stomach Pain and How to Get Rid of It

Sensitive Stomachs


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