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Are There Foods Dogs Should Avoid?

Those dog owner's that pay attention to the foods dogs should avoid will have fewer health problems to deal with. If you get your dog into the habit of eating leftovers from your dinner table every night you aren't doing them any favors. There are too many of them that are on the list of foods dogs should avoid. Even the seasonings for your foods such as salt are very bad for them to digest. When your dog has too much salt intake they will have other issues out of balance. The most common problem is that they will end up with high blood pressure. As a result their heart will have to work harder to complete the functions of the body.

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It is a common thought that dogs can benefit from being given some raw foods. However, they are included in the list of foods dogs should avoid. Don't offer them raw eggs or fish because they are often linked to poisoning. The result of this is that the body won't have enough Vitamin B. The biggest problems occur when such dogs are given these types of foods on a regular basis. It can cause some serious health concerns for them including seizures, excessive shedding, and losing weight.

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Potatoes are high on the list of foods dogs should avoid. Most people don't realize this because they are relatively healthy for humans to consume. However, potatoes are very hard for a dog to digest. When they are given them on a regular basis it can result in them not being able to break down their food properly for digestion. They can also end up with chronic infections relating to the urinary tract. If you are in the habit of giving your dog foods you are going to throw out from the refrigerator don't do it. They may become sick from bacteria that has grown on the food.

We all love sugary snacks, so it can be natural to assume your dog will too. Many of them like these items, but they are foods dogs should avoid. They are known to slow down the metabolism for your pet and that can result in them becoming overweight. The sugar can result in dental problems as well due to it settling on the teeth and breaking them down.

Individual dogs react differently to foods as well. When you observe the eating habits of yours, there may be foods dogs should avoid that you recognize. Just like people, dogs can have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients found in foods. Your veterinarian can also help you to identify problem foods that you will want to keep away from them.

It is natural to want to spoil your dog, but giving them foods dogs should avoid isn't a good way to do it. In the long run you will do them more harm than good. Make sure you understand what a good diet is for your particular dog. There may be plenty of foods dogs should avoid that they enjoy, but you need to be responsible enough to not offer them. This will allow your dog to be as healthy as possible.

Are There Foods Dogs Should Avoid?

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