Friday, September 23, 2011

Sensitive Acne Prone Skin - Friends & Foes

Except in rare cases, almost every one is born as a baby with flawless skin. Although population always compliment that I have almost flawless skin, I know it takes exertion because I have very sensitive skin. In this series of articles, I shall share my tips on caring for sensitive acne prone skin ~ good habits are our "friends" and bad habits are our "foes".

dog food for sensitive stomachs

Sensitive Acne Prone Skin No.1 Friend ~ capability Sleep.

Sensitive Stomachs

The whole One Tip to good skin is adequate capability Sleep. Ever wonder why babies have such gorgeous flawless skin? They sleep almost all the time!

Having a sound night's rest is crucial to lowering one's stress level. That is why if on the contrary, for some reason, we fail to get a good night's sleep, our faces come to be bloated and our tempers are foul in the morning.

How to get a good night's sleep for the advantage of Sensitive Acne Prone Skin?

Step 1. Plan to set your bedtime at 10pm ~ 10:30pm. Never sleep past midnight if possible.
Many clinical studies have shown that between 10pm and 4am is the crucial time when hormone levels restores itself balancing the effects of chemical changes --- which are the major culprits of acne and outbreaks.

Step 2. Therefore, plan to cease your supper 3 hours before this time i.e. 7pm. A full stomach is not conducive to sound sleep.

Step 3. Have a small cup of Camomile Tea after dinner. This is very effective in inducing a peaceful, undisturbed deep sleep.

For the complete record together with Sensitive Acne Prone Skin No.1 Foe ~ Direct Sunlight corollary the link to the source below.

Sensitive Acne Prone Skin - Friends & Foes

Sensitive Stomachs


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