Friday, December 23, 2011

Top Turn-Ons For Women

What are some of the top turn-ons for women? Surprisingly enough, some of them are amazingly simple, yet very effective. While some things may not work for every woman, by trying out some of these great ideas, you can find out what in effect turns her on and gets her in the mood for sex.

When you are in a crowded place, such as a party, club or bar, walk up behind her and whisper some naughty things in her ear. This will put the visual images of what you are going to do later into her head, and she won't be able to think about whatever else.

Sensitive Stomachs

During foreplay, have her turn onto her stomach. Then, kiss her slowly from the nape of her neck, down her spine, over her buttocks, down her legs, on the backs of her knees and all the way down to her toes. The longer it takes, the more turned on she will get with the feeling of your lips on her body in some unexpected places.

When kissing her, try biting very slowly on her bottom lip. Or, you can trace her lips with your tongue. What these things do is focus her attentiveness on your mouth and the wonderful sensations it is giving her.

A lot of women like it when a man sucks on her fingers and toes. You can wait until she has just stepped out of the shower, and then slowly suck on each of her fingers and toes, one by one. Keep eye taste with her the whole time.

Chances are good that you will never end sucking on all her fingers and toes because she will be so turned on she will be dragging you into bed. Someone else great kissing trick to turn her on is to place, slow hot kisses on her neck.

While you are doing that, breathe her name softy into her ear, just as is you were having sex and you were saying her name. The compound of hearing her name and the hot kisses on her neck should be enough to in effect turn her on.

When you are at someplace together that you could not maybe leave right away, tell her quietly that you want to have sex with her. Tell her in exacting detail in whispers what you would like to do to her at that accurate moment if you were alone at home instead of wherever you are.

It will turn her on even more because you both know you have to wait to do those things, and the anticipation of waiting will get you both in effect turned on. Someone else thing that many women find to be an absolute turn on is for you to nibble slowly all over her body.

Start at her lips and go down and nearby and back up and down again. Nibble on all her most sensitive spots, and find new ones that neither one of you knew about. As you can see, some of the top turn-ons for women are very straightforward things that get her focused on you and what you can do to her body. Try a few of these things out tonight and see what turns your lover on.

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Top Turn-Ons For Women

Sensitive Stomachs


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