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Dog Rat Poison Symptoms

Dogs eating poison is a very common case throughout the country each year because many household products such as rodenticides, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze and cleaning products etc. are left around areas where dogs can easily get to it.

Rat poisons are pest control chemicals and substances that are used to kill rats. It is also harmful to animals and humans as well. The signs and symptoms is not immediately shown after ingestion and it may take up to few hours or days to see the result.

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There are several types of rodenticides products available in the market throughout hardware and grocery stores which can break down into 3 main categories as follow:

1) anticoagulants - anticoagulant poison that extended the blood clotting period by depleting vitamin K inside rat body. This type is available in the market with a trademark name like warfarin, fumarin, diphacinone and bromadiolone.

2) bromethalin - non-anticoagulant that is designed to affects the brain and cerebrospinal fluid directly and kill rodent with a single dose. It may take up to more than 10 hours before result can be seen after ingestion of bromethalin.

3) cholecalciferol or vitamin D - this type rise the rat serum calcium levels to dangerous levels. Clinical signs and symptoms such as anorexia, increased urination and excessive thirst for water, lower heart rate causing ventricular fibrillation which lead to cardiac arrest may take up to more than 1 day to see the result.

Dog rat poison symptoms

internal bleeding nosebleeds blood coagulation blood contaminate in urine and stool drooling sudden weakness muscle tremors fever mild cough lung problems breathing problems vomiting diarrhea fatigue depression
Pet poisoning prevention tips

keep all medicines such as vitamins, painkillers, cold medicines etc. out of reach because even a small doses can be lethal to animals especially dogs. be aware that antifreeze leakage from car can cause death if consumed. plants around the house such as easter lily, azalea, oleander can cause be fatal for animals if ingested. keep your per away from place that contaminated with insecticides and fertilizers until it totally dried up completely. some food products may contain pesticides and some food products may be made for specific animals which can be fatal if given to wrong animals. when using rat poison such as bait pellets be sure to put it on the place that your dog cannot access easily because some bait contains sweet smelling ingredients that can attract your pet.
Rat poison treatment

Never wait for signs or symptoms to develop when you suspected that your dog has eaten toxic substances. It will required immediate action for treatment to be successful because many antidotes must be given within 12 hours period after toxin ingestion. This is time sensitive case so you must take your dog to your veterinarian as quick as possible to increase chance of survival.

Dog Rat Poison Symptoms

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