Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pet Food Charities On Hand To Help You Feed Your Animals

Food prices are on the rise globally, cost of living on the increase and if you have a pet or two, we have the added burden of feeding them to. Like many people uncertain of the economy, I have started to economize and that includes on food for the dog, fortunately I recently stumbled across a charity that helps with my pet food bills.

Not only do such donation sites have food for your animals, they may also have pet supplements. A lot of animals need good quality nutritional supplements to maintain impeccable health. Vitamins and minerals are the supplements that some donation sites might provide, but being a charity, its not like walking into a store, supplies can be limited.

Dog Food

If you have an overabundance of dog food or cat food available, please donate it to a reputable donation site. Non-prescription, unopened nutritional supplements can also be donated. Brand new, non-prescription flea and tick medication and flea collars are good things to donate as well. If you don't have any dog or cat food to donate, consider buying some in order to donate it to a charitable donation centre.

If you cannot locate a charity in your area, check outside the area you live in. Sometimes they aren't very willing to donate to people that live outside the town or city that they are located in, but there are definitely some places out there that aren't as finicky about what location you live in. If you have to travel many miles in order to get the free food and supplements, consider mentioning this fact to the person running the charity.

They may be willing to give you more food and supplements for your pet if they know the fuel costs involved in driving to their location. Be sure to thank the person or people who are running the charity for their community charitable work. Anyone who runs a donation centre to help feed animals is running a great program, and they deserve a lot of thanks for doing so.

If there is not a charity in your area, consider starting one yourself. Depending on where you live, you may need to get an official license from your state, city or township to run a donation charity. If you end up needing a charitable organization license, do make sure you are granted one before you go ahead with the donation centre plans.

Once you start running the facility, you will find that you need to seek out donations of pet food and other items. Some stores may be willing to donate cat or dog food to a charitable organization that helps feed the pets in their area.

Pet Food Charities On Hand To Help You Feed Your Animals

Dog Food


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