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Dog Food - Is Your Dog Vomiting Due To His Diet?

Normally, it shouldn't be a cause for concern when your dog vomits - it's a fairly regular occurrence when he does. Dogs eat a few blades of grass once in awhile. Grass doesn't usually agree well with their stomachs, and may cause your dog to throw up.

There is usually a good and normal reason why your dog throws up. Changing your dog's diet may stress him out, and this can also induce vomiting. It's advisable to wait around twenty-four hours to see if the vomiting occurs again. This shouldn't be a cause for concern unless your dog appears to become lethargic.

Dog Food

When abnormal vomiting is observed, you must cease feeding your dog for about twenty-four hours. If vomiting does not occur again, slowly start by feeding your pet dog with a bland diet. However, if your dog's condition becomes worse it is wise to seek a veterinarian's help immediately.

It is advisable to bring your dog to the vet when he experiences vomiting repeatedly for more than an hour, or if he has been observed to vomit persistently for twenty-four hours.

Vomiting has numerous causes. At times it is easy to find what the cause is, but there are also times when it is hard to identify its cause. A pretty reliable source to start with would be your pet's last meal.

The consistency of your dog's vomit may possibly point out to what is wrong.

o Undigested food in the vomit may indicate food poisoning, anxiety or simply overeating.

o Strong odor of the vomit may indicate an intestinal obstruction.

You can try and give your dog some ice cubes and water if vomiting does not happen within twenty-four hours after the last episode. This would help your dog regain lost fluids and may also help calm his stomach. You must make sure that your dog doesn't lose too much fluid. Dehydration can be fatal to your pet. If this doesn't induce vomiting, then you can start giving your pet small portions of food. You must initially stick to a bland diet when feeding a dog that has a case of abnormal vomiting. It is wise to bring your dog to the vet when vomiting persists after feeding the dog a bland diet.

This is what you should do in case your dog is displaying signs of abnormal vomiting:

1. You must not feed your pet dog for twenty-four hours.

2. If the vomiting stops after doing step one, you can then feed your dog a bland diet. The food should ideally consist of two thirds rice, sweet potato or oatmeal, and one third of the meal should be well-cooked, non-fatty meats such as poultry or lean pork or beef. Make sure that you do not feed your dog any food that may cause an adverse allergic reaction.

3. Feed your dog only half of the normal quantity of food you usually feed him. You can also opt to feed several small well spaced meals until the vomiting subsides.

Dog Food - Is Your Dog Vomiting Due To His Diet?

Dog Food


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