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medicine For Male Yeast Infections - Digestive Enzymes

Most men never think they'll have to look for a medicine for male yeast infections. Most men think (and most women to) that yeast infections or Candida infections are an illness that only women deal with.

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As you already know, this is not the case.

Sensitive Stomachs

There are many sources for a yeast infection in men and women and in this record we will scrutinize one potential cause. And if you are suffering from a yeast infection you want to scrutinize all causes because you never know where it stems from and these infections are not easy to cure.

A lack (achlorhydria) or insufficiency (hypochlohydria) of hydrochloric acid output by the stomach predisposes an personel to parasites and yeast. In normal, wholesome individuals, the high acid content of the gastric juices will help kill off most of the harmful microorganisms found in food. Parasites exposed to
hydrochloric acid are killed and basically converted into a good protein supplement.

As one grows older (after age forty, and especially after age sixty) and the stomach's quality to yield hydrochloric acid diminishes, parasites can get past the stomach acid barrier and overpopulate the gut.

One of the major inhibitors of hydrochloric acid output is unsuspected food allergies, especially to wheat, milk, and other dairy products. The question can be reversed by eliminating the offending allergenic foods and by supplementing the diet with acidifying nutritional supplements. Examples of acid supplements consist of glutamic acid, betaine hydrochloride, pepsin, apple cider vinegar, and Swedish or stomach bitters.

Strict vegetarian diets are also a solid medicine for female and male yeast infections because it also decrease the body's quality to yield hydrochloric acid. In addition, people who are born with Type A blood do not secrete adequate hydrochloric acid.

Pancreatic enzyme insufficiency is an additional one think why parasites can flourish in the gastrointestinal tract. Like hydrochloric acid, pancreatic enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase, and others) help discharge and inactivate parasites that enter the body with food.

Both low stomach acid output and pancreatic enzyme insufficiency :an be diagnosed straight through a comprehensive stool and digestive analysis ordered by a natural health-care practitioner.

Acid or pancreatic digestive enzyme supplements can be taken to improve the situation. Plant enzymes derived from aspergillus, a friendly mold used in fermenting miso and soy sauce, can help discharge food in both the stomach and the small intestine, while the animal-based pancreatin will commonly only work in the more alkaline small intestinal tract. Other good parasite-dissolving enzymes are bromelain from pineapple and papain from papayas.

Diet is just one factor in medicine for male yeast infections. When fighting Candida and yeast you need a program. There is not just one "silver bullet cure."

medicine For Male Yeast Infections - Digestive Enzymes

Sensitive Stomachs


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