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Gluten Intolerant Or Gluten Sensitivity - Do You Feel Fat, Tired and is Your Stomach Bloated?

Are you looking it difficult to lose weight and does your belly feel bloated? You could be gluten intolerant.

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You may be gluten intolerant and not even realize. The symptoms of gluten intolerance can absolutely go undetected as they can be confused with many other health challenges. Gluten intolerance can cause a range of mild to severe symptoms which may then lead to harmful complications.

Sensitive Stomachs

What is Gluten?

Let me elaborate first of all what Gluten is and how and why it is used in foods and hopefully you can settle if you are gluten intolerant. Even if you do not know, you can always try a gluten free diet for a few weeks to see if there is any discernible difference.

Gluten is a protein found in grains such as: wheat, rye oats (yes even oats), barley and spelt and is a main ingredient in some foods to bind, fatten (note word fatten) and add texture.

It is often in cereal, toast, sandwich, pasta, lasagna and may even be in bacon. Manufacturers use gluten to plump up and fill out meat. They even use it in salami, sausage and turkey. So if you are gluten intolerant you absolutely need to read the labels on everything!

Gluten can block the absorption of vital minerals and vitamins and can lead to weight gain and a bloated belly. Even if you are not officially gluten intolerant, cutting it out of your diet will supply many benefits because it is an empty food that can have harmful side effects.

You can become addicted to determined foods containing gluten, hence the cravings and sometimes ravenous hunger levels.

The Most tasteless Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance:

Stomach cramps Recurring constipation/diarrhea Bloating that can make you look pregnant Tiredness/fatigue/depression Headaches Flatulence or indigestion Fluid retention Groggy upon waking Brain fog Joint or muscle aches Eczema, acne, skin rash Cravings for wheat foods such as bread Weight gain

So what can we do to avoid gluten?

Avoid eating foods which generally include gluten:

Bread, biscuits, cookies, pastry, crackers anyone containing flour. Try rice flour, corn flour or potato flour. Try rice noodles and rice pasta.

Nearly all cereals, try gluten free. Sauces are often thickened with flour. Soups, most soups include flour to thicken. Soy products, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, oyster sauce. Boiled candy, contains loads of gluten.

Pizza, because they use wheat flour for the base.

What you can Eat:

Fruit, yogurt, eggs, bacon (check) hash browns (check) gluten free cereal and gluten free bread. Food manufacturers are now production many products that are gluten free.

Chicken, fish, beef, vegetables, potatoes, hummus, rice noodles for pasta, risotto, baked dinners, gluten free gravy, nuts and popcorn,

If you must have take out like McDonalds - any meat burger but drop the bun, same with Burger King but no fries!

Get into the habit of reading labels so you can become familiar with food ingredients. Not only for gluten but also for sugar, additives and preservatives.

Try a diet free of gluten for a week or two and see if there is any improvement. Most citizen do advantage from it even if you have not done the healing tests to prove you are gluten intolerant.

Follow the secrets in this life changing extreme guide for advice on gluten intolerance and salutary nutrition.

Gluten Intolerant Or Gluten Sensitivity - Do You Feel Fat, Tired and is Your Stomach Bloated?

Sensitive Stomachs


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